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Chi Kung Front Kick Power and Balance


"After working with Larry Attile I was surprised at how much my strength and endurance developed. I could punch faster and harder with less effort. I could go through the Bas Ruten bag workout with ease, where before it would knock me out. Also my kicks were much higher and faster after he worked on my hips."

Silvo, Krav Maga Instructor
The Golden Temple Yoga Studio


"I have been working with Larry for only 2 months and I am much more relaxed, better balanced and my kicking and punching have improved greatly. I am beginning to understand what's been missing in my martial art."

Susan E., Women's Martial Arts Instructor
Northern Westchester

"While recuperating from a knee operation, Larry gave me Chi Kung lessons that I could do lying in bed. My abs became stronger than they ever were and my breathing capacity increased. I was calmer and more relaxed and my knee healed faster. I also felt stronger."

Karl B. High School Quarterback

"I have been a student of Tai Chi with Larry Attile for over five years. One of the most important things I have learned through his teaching is the ability to move in such a way that is relaxed organized and rooted. Larry explains this approach to movement in such a simple basic nature so that it can be practiced, enjoyed and cultivated for both health and martial arts applications.

Larry teaches yang style form-and-movement on both sides of the body. As a result of this method, there is no weak or strong side of the body -- there are just two sides to look at. The "what ifs" of movement are looked at time-and-time again so movement becomes second nature, not fixed or contrived.

I have studied Chinese Martial Arts for well over fifteen years and, at times, felt overwhelmed with forms and applications. It is extremely important to study a Martial Art with a lineage that is solid and true to the art. However, it is equally important to study with a Sifu that understands movement and how to develop its power. I may not have mastered any of the hundreds of moves in other Tai Chi forms nor have I won any pushing hands "contests" but I have been fortunate enough to find this necessary teaching combination in Larry Attile."

Bill Spitzer

Who Practices With Us?

Some Martial Arts Client Profiles:

50 Year old Shaolin (Kung Fu) player with 20 years experience. Looking for more relaxation in his fighting. Wants to develop more internal power.

48 Year old Tai--Chi player, 18 years experience wants to incorporate Chi-Kung into his form.

61 Year old Tai--Chi player, 35 years experience, wants to develop Spontaneous Fighting

45 Year old Karate player needing to balance his energy. Yang burnout.

Young Martial Arts Instructor wanting to be more rounded to avoid injuries by developing internal strength and external flexibility.

Young Martial Artist wanting to develop greater fluidity and power in his routine.


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