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Wu Te: Martial virtue or heroism, to protect the defenseless and show mercy to one's opponents.

Chi Kung Front Kick Power and Balance

Tai-Chi For Martial Arts and Self DefenseInstructor Larry Attile

Tai chi's martial arts applications rely on awareness of sensitivity to an opponent's movements and center of gravity leading to appropriate spontaneous responses.

Learning to affect or "capture" an opponent's center of gravity immediately upon contact and redirecting their energy is the primary goal of this training class.

Larry Attile combines the best of Tai Chi and Ci Kung to help students first master the "Yin" (slow, repetitive, meditative, low impact) and then later adding "Yang" (fast, high impact) martial arts training; forms, push hands (Chi Na) and sparring.

Tai Chi students will learn how to defend themselves in three basic ranges, close, medium and long range.

Powerful Alternatives to punches using open hand strikes and practical kicks are also learned.

Students will also learn proper use of:

Fingers, fists, palms, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders, back, hips, knees and feet to perfom effective strikes and energy redirection.

Joint traps, locks and breaks (chin na) are also taught as optional techniques allowing students to build their knowledge of self defense.