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Steve Sohn's JuJitsu Concepts
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Learn the resting activity. How to be active and rest at the same time.

Learn the Six Healing Sounds for the major organs.


Learn the powerful "Inner Smile" to counter negativity.


Learn how organizing your nervous system helps your immune system. The way to deal with stress.


Learn Cognitive Fitness - How to develop your brain through movement. The best way to increase and keep your brain (mind) healthy. Brain Plasticity.


Chi Kung Front Kick Power and Balance

Tai Chi For Health and Fitness

Tai Chi is a system of rounded, fluid, balanced movements practiced for health and peace of mind

It is based on Taoist principles of self improvement

You can start the practice of Tai Chi at any age You don't need to be "in shape," and you can work at your own pace

Benefits of Tai Chi:

Strengthen your bones, muscles and tendons

Develop deep relaxation

Improve your balance & coordination

Regulate your P/H balance

Stand & walk more efficiently

Lower Your stress response


Chi Kung

CHI KUNG (Chi Gung) is internal energy training (Chi development).

Breathing techniques increase your internal power quickly, and you can then move it freely throughout your body recharging yourself with vital energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration.

Organizing your energy in this way creates healing energy, clears your mind, and calms your emotions.

Benefits of Chi Kung:

Increase your energy.

Develop deep abdominal breathing.

Release areas of long held tension.

Create positive energy.

Learn meditation techniques.

Improve circulation.

Detoxify tissues & organs.