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One choice is no choice. The more ways you can do something (move) the more choices you can make. This is brain plasticity.




Chi Kung Front Kick Power and Balance

Tai Chi I - ClassesThe following is a description of Tai -Chi I Classes

  1. Learn short forms (using right and left sides of the body).
  2. Abdominal Breathing
  3. Sensitivity Training With Opponent
  4. How to get Rooted (center of gravity and balance)
  5. Develop Internal Stillness (Equilibrium)
  6. Develop Balance through Yin/Yang seperation
  7. More...

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Tai Chi II - ClassesThe following is a description of Tai -Chi II Classes

Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Feldenkrais are taught simultaneously. My Tai Chi short form is based on the 13 classical postures of ancient times. I teach the form on both sides of the body (right and left sides) and incorporate push hands at the start. I also teach various Taoist Meditation techniques.

  1. Combine Tai - Chi and Chi - Kung within the short form.
  2. Chi - Kung tendon exercises to greatly enhance body strength
  3. Taoist breathing exercises to increase energy and power - IRON SHIRT Open the main energy channels of the body
  4. Learn the Water Method of Chi- Kung
  5. Higher development and differentiation of YIN and YANG
  6. The art of spontaneous fighting
  7. Martial applications for any situation
  8. Nei Dan training techniques to develop Nei Zhuang (internal strength)

BENEFITS The Health benefits are the same as with Tai - Chi I, but at obviously greater depths. The internal benefits of the training is much more advanced.

You must understand that it is impossible to list all the benefits of this art.

The Martial benefits are much greater with Tai - Chi II by Combining Nei Dan training with the Wai Dan overall body strength and conditioning will be much improved.

The flexibility of movement will embody much more variation, meaning you will move in many ways more easily.

You will also move faster, hit harder, and most importantly, fight smarter.

Any other Martial Art that you practice will greatly benefit from this work.

For myself, it just brought everything to a higher and surprisingly easier level of proficiency.


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Tai-Chi III - Class Schedule Instructor Larry Attile

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Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement - Classes

Awareness Through Movement® exercises employ innovative movement sequences to address every area of the body and all aspects of human functioning. It is of benefit to everyone, and the results call be immediate and profound.

Functional Integration® is a gentle hands-on approach, recognized for its ability to address serious muscular and neurological problems, chronic tension and pain.


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What we do

Tai-Chi I
Scarsdale, NY
Instructor Larry Attile

Tuesday 10:15 AM

Wednesday 8:30 PM

Thursday 11:00 AM

Sunday 11:30 AM

Tai-Chi II
Scarsdale, NYInstructor Larry Attile

Monday 8:30 PM

Friday 11:15 AM

Tai-Chi III
Class Schedule
Instructor Larry Attile

By Appointment Only - Call Now For Personal Training.


Instructor Larry Attile

Monday 5:30 PM

Wednesday 5:30 PM


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