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Chi Kung Front Kick Power and Balance

About Larry Attile and Chi Kung

Larry Attile, has studied martial arts for over 45 years.

He is a certified 6th degree black belt in Tae – Kwondo and a 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido. 

He has studied the art of Tai – Chi for 35 years and Chi- Kung for 30 years.

His teachers who have had the most influence in his life are:

Ik Jo Kang, Tae – Kwondo and Hapkido,

William CC Chen – Tai –Chi, and

Mantak Chia – Chi – Kung.

He is a believer in the Philosophy of  the Gung Fu of the oriental arts to promote health, to cultivate the mind, and to provide a most efficient means of self protection. The root of that Philosophy is the  mixing of  the yang energy – hardness,  and the yin energy – softness.

To over emphasize one over the other is to create an imbalance within the self. More importantly, to cultivate both as complementary to each other , enhances each energy in its own way. To do This is to find a new strength, a new endurance, and a stronger mind.

At the core of all Gung Fu – whether moving or still, martial or medical – lies the deep still pool of the Water mind. Water can break anything down . It can also absorb anything into itself and no matter how hard you hit it, you won’t hurt it.  To become like water in life or in fighting, is to exist at a very high level of functioning.

He is also a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. After many years of  doing many other forms of movement, yoga, dance, Alexander, rolfing, swimming, running, stretching,

"I have found that the Feldenkrais Method is the best complement to martial arts. It is also a great healing system to complement the Chi – Kung. With the combining of  Tai – Chi, Chi – Kung, and Feldenkrais you can cultivate  the highest degree of physical, mental, and spiritual development that you aspire to," says Larry.

He is a graduate of Columbia university with a degree in Philosopy and Theatre Arts.

Gung Fu can mean “training” or “ doing” to find the highest reality of your discipline, whether for self-protection, mind cultivation, or health promotion.